Math edcamp: unschooling kids

Unshackled and Unschooled: Free-Range Learning Movement Grows | MindShift
As I consider the new school year I can not help but struggle with how to make learning mathematics relevant to my students. I have a growing interest in the ideas that come from un-schooling. An extremely student centred structure where students are the drivers of their own learning.

The current political situation in our Province has opened up a pathway for me to delve outside of the traditional education system. I am about to commence a journey where I lead a multi-aged group of children through the BC curriculum via integration of all core subjects and martial arts. Tomorrow will be my first mini-class and I am very curious of the path we will follow. Here are some ideas of where I will start:

– perhaps I will just have my lap top in hand and the BC curriculum learning outcomes. I will allow the children to select a mini-project that will address as many specific outcomes as possible.

– reasoning puzzles (team building)

– learning about what each are passionate about

– do I set classroom rules?


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